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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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i love you. >> needy. >> bright sunshine today, winds yesterday, gusting to 40 today out of the north and west, 5 to 10. out to our west i don't have -- there is just nothing to talk about high pressure building on in that will spell beautiful weather later today. tomorrow, saturday right to the end of the weekend we will keep things dry. it is chilly headed out next hour or two. on the cold side. 43 washington. 34 winchester, 35 baltimore ocean city, 38 degrees, fredericks burg 36. here is your forecast today, it should be a beautiful afternoon sunshine high temperatures upper 50s less windy than yesterday. more details in the forecast, a sneak peek coming up in a couple minutes alison back to you. the mornings big story tragedy in the mountains of
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arizona a small plane carrying three adults and two children crashed east of phoenix. >> yeah, as fox's aiynsley ear hart reports there is no sign of survivors. >> i saw an orange spark and it just exploded and came back down and a big poof came up. >> reporter: no signs of survivors in this terrible crash a local aviation school, says it was a twin engine. >> from what we understand, this aircraft, flew from stafford to falcon field in mesa to pick up children for thanksgiving to go back to stafford. the plane went down in superstition mountains east of phoenix arizona killing the three children the pilot, a mechanic and another adult were also onboard. the fire is burning we don't have fire apparatus up there, it is not a situation
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where stopping the fire would prevent any loss of life or injury so that contains our priority at this point to try to search and locate any possible survivors. >> the plane went down in rugged terrain at the top of the mountain range splitting in half at impact. >> this is a 6 hour hike to get to this crash site there is one dcs ranneninger dropped via air -- ranger dropped via air he made his way as close to the wreckage site as he could get he identified a tire from the plane. >> someone said they heard a plane revving its engines to climb higher, the elevation is 5,000 feet at superstition mountain's highest point. closer to home a look at today's other top stories a scary thanksgiving eve for a 75- year-old man he was kidnapped yesterday afternoon from a giants parking lot at wheaton
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plaza police believe he was forced into his own vehicle at knife point driven around for a couple hours and made to take out money at an atm investigators say the suspect eventually released the man and his vehicle the victim drove home where he called police. >> in the district the search is on for a carjacker who stole an suv from a dc gas station with a baby still inside it happened on south dakota avenue. a woman was pumping gas when a man jumped into her suv and just took off but the carjacker apparently discovered the child ditched the car and the baby a few blocks away the child a 13 month old girl is okay and back with her family this morning. neighbors tell fox 5 there have been several recent carjackings in that same area one woman said she fell victim just last month. came inside asked the gas station attendance do they have
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surveillance he said no, it was broken i called my insurance company when i gave them the address, they said they had four other reports at the same location. if this happened several times before why wasn't there a private security company, police officers there and why wasn't this made public so we can be more vigilant patronizing this establishment. >> thank goodness the girl was okay thieves seem to be targeting high end vehicles in both cases the suspect get away vehicle had temporary tags. the hunt continues for a bank robbery and carjacking suspect in northern virginia turns out she has connections to a major gang these are pictures of stephanie swab as she robbed a bb andt bank in fairfax she is also wanted for holding up a bank in manassas and carjacking of a woman in a parking lot of tie sen's corner
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on several -- tysons corner several weeks ago. she was a critical witness for ms 13 gang. 12 cia agents, under arrest in iran, according to the official's news agency. iranian lawmakers say they plan to strike at iranian interests, aimed at israel. developing in egypt after five days of deadly street battles the two sides are observing a truce. there are barricades to separate protestors and police on side streets, leading from the square to the nearby interior ministry. egypt's military issued a
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statement apologizing for the loss of life and vowing to bring to justice those responsible, three americans remain in custody one is a junior at georgetown university. occupy protestors across the nation spending thanksgiving day in their camp from coast to coast a small group in dc spent the day before thanksgiving marching on capitol hill they were protesting the failures of the super committee the occupy movement will keep its attention on the economy tomorrow black friday. they is surprises planned for the busy shopping day some are encouraging people to shop at small businesses rather than big box stores and malls. happy thanksgiving everyone let's talk about this big day are you cooking at home? >> kind of. >> what does that mean? mom is doing it all, right?
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>> i am kidding you have a big family mom always helps out. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> well, you might be having relatives and friends over for thanks giving dinner perhaps cooking for well more than you usually do. >> imagine preparing a feast for thousands at food and friends in northeast, good morning stacy cohen, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: good morning happy thanksgiving. food and friends does this every year a fabulous organization all yearlong they feed over a million meals to people just on thanksgiving 3500 people get their meals delivered you saw me volunteering earlier this hour in a minute, our esteemed guest, county executive prince georges county will roll up his sleeves. i was rocking a hair net i will let you wear the baseball cap why are you out here this morning. >> 20 years ago, or 15 years ago i was with a nonprofit and
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worked with food and friends i was here a couple months ago with mayor grey they do a great job for the washington region not just dc but prince georges county. >> they are unique they serve a population of people that are ill not only with hiv, critical illnesses that have a difficult time. the need is great. >> it really is that is the area, when we talk about health care and any quasi economic crisis when the economy is effecting family, food and friends is coming in filling the gap. they are a great organization. >> we are going to be working and mike you can show everybody else here behind us they are setting up this line do you have a favorite job? wrapping the turkeys, loading boxes? are you willing to put muscle into this? >> my younger days i put muscle in there but i think i will
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stuff boxes to show you how important it is i am losing my voice >> it makes us all remember the importance of thanksgiving what are you doing for thanksgiving after this? >> i have a host of relatives, my mom, sister everybody at my house who will be expecting us to do this so maybe i will invite food and friends to come over. >> you have a full house yourself. >> i do but this is so important, their work not just on thanksgiving but throughout the year, the county executive, this is one of the first organizations i got to help out as county executive we look forward to that partnership throughout the year they really do fill that gap. >> we have a marinette and rubber gloves waiting for you i will see you in the next hour. >> i want to see the county executive in a hair net for sure. >> he is rocking the ball cap. >> along with the feast there is also of course the parade on this thanksgiving day none more famous than macy's in new york city. >> john is live along the parade route this morning hey,
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john how are things? >> reporter: well, it is getting busy the crowds have already started showing up good morning happy thanksgiving. real quick where are you from? >> brooklyn. >> wow, far commute. far drive to get you you just got here. >> yeah. >> some people got here before we even got here 3:30 a.m. >> wow. >> pretty early. >> really early. >> they've got blankets and chairs so have a fun morning. >> yeah, i mean there is a lot of folks showing up this is the 85th annual, macy's thanksgiving day parade when this first started calvin college was president if my memory serves my correctly yankees lost to the cardinals in the world series this is how long this has been going on babe ruth was playing baseball over 8,000 people will be involved with the parade this year, something like 27 floats, could be more than that giant floats, new floats this year including a jet pack wearing
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monkey i just like saying that. saying it all morning but really the whole thing is the inflation of the balloons last night that is a big tradition and then of course just coming out with the family before thanksgiving dinner and again, these guys are fired up. real quick, same question where are you guys from? >> hawthorne new jersey. >> locals anybody from dc? anybody from washington dc? >> real quick come over here. where abouts? >> new orleans. >> new orleans. >> yes. >> that is not dc. >> no, we said new orleans really loud. >> i didn't hear that. dc, maryland virginia well, hey, that is it guys we got people from everywhere bottom line macy's thanks did i having day parade estimated 3.5 -- thanksgiving day parade estimated 3.5 million viewers. new orleans and brooklyn. >> in the house. all right. guys back to you. >> new orleans, only about a 15
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hour drive. >> you tried thanks. >> thanks appreciate it. >> is that me or you. >> i don't know i think we are in the 's here we will have more drama at penn state reports joe paterno's wife was kicked out of a campus pool we will explain coming up. she coined the phrase diamond's are a girl's best friend. >> that was the wrong one maybe it was liz taylor. now own some of elizabeth's taylor's favorite jewels. >> we will look it up at the break. >> check it out. >> before we head to the break we asked our facebook friends what they are thankful for, mark price says for my loving wife and how she supports me, in everything i do. well, that is wonderful stay with us everyone on this thanksgiving day. back in a moment 
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to war zones. and that can be a problem for a once-thriving tourist destination like dubrovnik, croatia, left in disrepair by years of war. luckily, people took notice. they helped dubrovnik rebuild and restructure their five-star hotels, and croatia eventually regained 14% of the nation's gdp; a rebirth made possible by the international business and tourism management programs at rochester institute of technology.
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a scare in the air for some american ire lines passengers a night headed for new york from los angeles had to make an emergency landing the plane with more than 160 people onboard returned to the airport and landed safely. >> joe paterno's wife was she really banned from a pool on the campus of penn state. sue was turned away yesterday, and that the rejection left the family saddened however penn state says the indoor pool was closed, for all public swimming. pool trustees, fired legendary coach joe paterno earlier this month in the aftermath of child sex abuse charges. paterno was recently diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer he reportedly has said he is focused on beating the
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illness and seeing the full truth emerge. it is no secret elizabeth taylor had a self-proclaimed love affair with her jewellery i would too if i were her but now you can own the pieces that helped make the late actress one of the world east most glamorous women, jewellery, art memorbilia are to be auctioned off and a 33-carat diamond ring. the pieces are expected to fetch upwards of $10.5 million. >> alison i can't afford that. >> i can't afford them either i have to make a correction because i am this way you know marilyn monroe in the movie gentlemen prefer blonds made it famous diamonds are a girl's best friend but it was caroll chaning 1949. you recalled that. >> i was like file,. >> i am a google princess and i
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found it for you. >> all right. >> wonderful day for those getting together with family. >> gorgeous. later today, temperatures back in the 60s less wind and for a change, bright sunshine. so beautiful. >> turned cold last night and windy. >> certain point in the evening. >> you are right it did get cold and windy, winds blowing up to 30 miles per hour. all right. take a spin around the country much of the country, you can see we are on the cold side, 39 in the city, regan national. 33 boston open up a little bit out to the west, temperatures can be seasonal look at cool temperatures down into florida, miami 69 degrees, that will bring jackets out there. 45 san francisco, dallas, 43. satellite radar quiet conditions we are looking at
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high pressure clouds working up and over a ridge of high pressure, clouds up in canada that will give us perfect weather. don't be concerned with the rain. forecast there not only today, but beautiful with sunshine, friday, saturday and sunday we should be fine temperatures, bumping into the middle 60s this will be a great couple days your 5 day forecast rain returns late sunday and looks like monday showers around. of course. >> what does that mean don't pay attention to the rain you see in atlanta it is not really there. >> just our radar acting up. >> okay. i just needed clarification thank you so much. all righty. >> as millions of americans cook a traditional thanksgiving meal the smithsonian is offering up history about food's origin. many dishes eaten today have roots in mexico and south america. turkey's were domesticated twice and the ones eat on the day are derived from mexican turkeys, matt can you take
7:20 am
over. >> of course. let's see the mexican turkeys i dug a little deeper to find out -- >> that is me. >> you dug a little deeper to find out what the pilgrims served and got a thanksgiving lesson from the scientists at the con certificate venosi in montana. >> reporter: as you prepare to eat thanksgiving tonight, keep in mind the first all american meal probably doesn't look much like what you are serving today with this interesting look back at thanksgiving what it means and what it has meant is the lead scientist with the nature con certificate venosi. you have a spread in front of you that doesn't look like what i probably will be serving today. >> well, you recognize some of these things but might not recognize other things on this table. so we know that first table, set between the pilgrims and the native americans 400 years
7:21 am
ago had a lot of seafood we know they had shell fish probably fish like cod they also had venn son or deer or elk meat which i have some here as well as water foul probably duck or geese. other than that all these other foods here are native to north america and could very well have been at that first thanksgiving table >> i wouldn't say you would say turkey but i see it there. >> yes, turkey as it turns out is one of few birds domesticated, native to north america we know native americans hunted turkeys we don't have a lot of domesticated animals that come out of north america. turkeys are one of the few that come out of north america maybe one of the only ones and now worldwide. turkeys most likely made it to a table very early on in our history of thanksgiving we also know they would have had corn that was a big part of it as well as swash. a big part of native american
7:22 am
diets, onions, and some nuts like chestnuts and wall nets, beans as well as cranberries, which is kind of interesting. one of those few foods that comes all the way out from that first table to our table. >> somethings we enjoy i know i love sweet potatoes, maybe mashed potatoes that would have no place on the first thanksgiving table. >> potatoes didn't come to north america, until a hundred years after that when the pill pilgrims landed. as well as baked goods they didn't have the capability of cooking with wheat and no sugar with them, so nothing but molasses. >> no apple pie. >> no apples either. >> if we would like to incorporate these with our table to get back with our history what would you suggest
7:23 am
we do. >> well, if you live by the coast i suggest some seafood on your table and i also think cranberries, making them fresh is an easy thing to do but squash is a fantastic food good and healthy they would have eaten it simply baked there is a lot of squash you can bake. i think any of these foods you can put that on your table what i want people to do this thanksgiving whatever you have on your table understand it comes from nature and ideally put one thing on the table that is close to you. you don't want your food travelling further than your guests, so put one thing that reminds you that food really does come from nature. >> good reminder and a really good history lesson too. thank you so much happy thanksgiving to you and yours. >> absolutely and i would say if you want more information all hands on has lots of information on this stuff and lots of tips as well. >> no sweet potato pie. no apple pie. >> no potatoes. >> why bother.
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>> i just changed my sweater out real quick and i am back. >> your voice okay now. >> i am okay. >> i will help you out sorry i wasn't there to take the ball before. >> 7:24 a.m. on this thanksgiving morning a heads up if you plan on using the metro today. why drivers in the district might want to watch their speed. plus thanksgiving day message from the president of the united states what he is urging americans to do in these tough economic times 
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7:27 a.m. we are monitoring metro on this thanksgiving morning. the transit agency is helping make sure your transit plans go smoothly. metro trainbuses will run on a sunday schedule tomorrow back to normal. >> another thing to keep in mind free parking at all metro rail stations parking lots. >> warning to drivers in the
7:28 am
district, watch your speed starting next week 9 new speed cameras will go up in the city there will be a 30 day grace period where you will just get a warning ticket. triple-a warns cameras have lead to three quarters of a million tickets and $75 million in revenue for the district of columbia since 2010. find the speed cameras located on our website, just go to all right it is now 7:28 a.m. foolish mistakes missteps landed several local leaders on the second annual, turkey of the year list. we look at that list next. >> first we asked our facebook fans what they are thankful for. stay see frank says i am thankful for being able to share thanksgiving with my mom for the first time in 31 years. wonderful happy thanksgiving to all of you, we will be right back 
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are these people waiting to eat their thanksgiving dinner? >> you know they call this black thursday now they are waiting until tomorrow at best buy. >> no, they are out there now these are live pictures out of
7:32 am
gaithersburg best buy shoppers already in line the store opens at midnight whichever >> so it is like -- so it is like friday. >> i hope someone serves them dinner that is a little bit much for a discount on a tv but that is just me. >> what are they hoping for. >> have you ever waited in line like that? >> never the only thing was a prince concert in 84. >> that is what i waited for. >> i didn't even wait for it i had someone else whichever >> in 84. >> i waited one time overnight for prince tickets only to resell them and make money. >> did you make any money? >> yes, i did. >> was it purple rain >> i sold them for face value. >> of course you did sure that was the reason to wait for them. >> i waited like 18 hours but i was young. >> you were really young because i was a freshman in college. >> high school. >> we did not wait -- >> i was in elementary school. >> no. >> you were. >> no, i am just as old as you guys. >> i wish i had seen prince now.
7:33 am
>> it was good. i will reenact it for you later. >> purple rain tour it was. i better do the forecast i am only given 2 minutes. >> it is nice today. >> it is beautiful. you are giving away the punch line. >> you know i hate this one a turkey for thanks giving, since that is not how he is going to look in a couple hours. >> not happy for the turkey. all right. we won't use him any more. not so windy, gourds have no problem today. these will be your daytime highs should feel good later this afternoon temperatures, chilly at the moment, you saw in the live shots folks bundled up temperatures 30s. 39 washington and a few clouds, at or below freezing, 30 manassas, cull pepper, winchester, 33 martins burg. plenty of cold air warmer east, annapolis 40 leonard town 39
7:34 am
degrees, sunshine, has to do its work and things will warm up quickly much less windy than yesterday yesterday we had winds gusting to 40 miles per hour today, 5 to 10 out of the north and west, that will come as i lock in the relatively cool air. very nice looking day sunshine expected all the way from the carolinas and right up towards washington, new york, talking about winds yesterday, relatively light up there, looks like a nice day in new york. high pressure moving through that will spell just perfect weather for the end of november for the next several days lots of sunshine, windy, 59 your daytime high. winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10. it will be cold tonight if you are out and about bring along a coat. 31 your overnight low, 30s north and west tomorrow morning when you get up and then just a beautiful couple days as we look at temperatures in the mid- 60s we should be dry friday, saturday most of sunday should be dry as well we will cloud up
7:35 am
late in the day sunday, maybe showers late, late sunday night stick around monday. that is a look at the forecast back to you at the desk. >> president obama and the first family will celebrate thanksgiving at the white house and a holiday message on the white house website the president urges americans to believe in the nations ability to overcome its challenges despite recent grid lock in washington. >> with all the partisan ship and grid lock here in washington it is easy to wonder if unity here is possible but thing about what is happening at this very moment americans from all walks of life aming to grateful for the blessings of family, community and country. if we keep that spirit alive, support each other and lookout for each other and remember we are all in this together, i know we too will overcome the challenges of our time. the president also asks americans to remember the men and women serving abroad in our
7:36 am
military this thanksgiving. >> over to alison. >> matt thank you very much. this morning metro columnist for the washington post our friend robert mccartney released his second annual list of turkey's of the year awards. a thanksgiving roster of individuals and institutions whose screw ups and miss steps were of such magnitude they deserve to be publicly put through shame this morning he joins us to talk about who made the list this year. this is why i love you bob you put yourself on the list too. >> every year for some thing i screwed up. >> okay so it is an equal opportunity turkey list but let's look at this, first of all this is the second year what do you have to do, we talked a little bit, to get on bob mccartney's turkey list. >> be in the washington region because i write a metro column, has to be in our area and either something really self-
7:37 am
defeating, or foolish or incorn tent that is just so outrageous or self-damaging that it warrants inclusion. >> i hope for the year you can't find anybody to put on this list. >> i wish that were the case, looking forward, but i expect there will always be enough ineptitude around that i will have enough people to put on the list for the third annual one next year. >> my goal is always stay off this list let's talk about who is on the list now, will lead up to the number one turkey, leslie johnson made the list. >> the former prince georges county councilmember, wife of the disgraced former county executive jack johnson she made the list, jack johnson was number one turkey of the year last year for you know, asking his wife, while they listened on a wire tap, to ask his wife
7:38 am
to hide the bribe in her underwear. this year, she got on the list as i discussed on fox 5 she tried to hang on to her job as councilmember she didn't resign as i thought she should have after pleading guilty to a felony in federal court. >> that is not surprising this surprised me. dan schneider there was the hoopla about this article in the city paper it died down and skins were looking better and then it was like did we forgive schneider for his bone head moves but no, he is on the list. >> he made the list for filing the lawsuit any ways a lame lawsuit against the city paper and over reached, it was a liable lawsuit i thought it over reached in several ways but particularly because, he tried to get sympathy claiming the cover illustration on city paper was anti semimettic, it was a picture of dan schneider, scribbled, beard and horns looked like a child's version
7:39 am
of a devil. well, i quoted a local rabbi who said he didn't thing it was at all the article didn't mention that he was jewish he did with draw the suit on the eve of the football season, but just for filing it, for that anti semietic thing and other, you know, offences i put him on the list. >> kwame brown. >> the dc council chairman gets on the list of course, at a time of tight budgets and cut backs he asked tax payers to pay nearly $2,000 a month so he could have a fully loaded lincoln navigator sports utility vehicle and then had the gall to send it back when the seats weren't the right color. >> right. >> he did get rid of it in the end after much up roar but just for doing it in the first place. let's talk about why you made the list along with a virginia state senator. >> he got on the list because
7:40 am
he predicted definitively in august the democrats would retain control of the state senate he said it was over, we were a cinch to win it and now with the lieutenant governor breaking ties republicans have control of the state senate i put myself on the list as well because my predictions in that samovar gin yeah election just a few weeks ago were not that -- same, virginia election, were not that great. i under estimated, i hedged things because i am a journalist but i did indicate i thought the democrats, or republicans rather would get an out right majority, 21 seats and also under estimated the strength of the democratic endorsed candidate in the fairfax school board election. >> you put yourself on the list
7:41 am
too number one because there are many on here number one turkey of the year. >> mayor grey. >> oh, boy. >> i said in the column i hated to do it because i like the guy and i think he is trying to do his best but this first 11 months of his term has been such a dispointment all these hiring scandals beginning of the year he ran against you know fente's coneyism and the first thing that happens is the five adult children of top advisors and staffers are suddenly you know mysteriously on the dc payroll you know you can't get more croneyism than that and then the whole brown affair i had to make him number one. >> well, it is good reading, you know humorous but also serious you have more organizations on there including like the workers of the apple store who -- >> that was tragic the apple
7:42 am
store employees who didn't do anything when they heard poor jana murray being murdered next door. >> humorous but also full of good information and looks back at our year. >> that's right. >> the low lights. >> the low lights of the year. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving alison. >> we will be right back 
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
an ohio jury convicted an expro wrestler having unprotected sex with women without telling them he tested positive for hiv. 29-year-old andre davis didn't tell a dozen sex partners about his hiv status or lied to them it is unclear if any of the women became infected defense attorney suggested the women were pro miscue wows. >> sugarland is facing dozens of lawsuits after the deadly stage collapse at indiana state fair the rig fell in a storm in august killing 7 people. the complaint includes, suits
7:46 am
from the estates of four victim44 people who were hurt one attorney says the contract specified that sugarland had final say whether to cancel the concert due to weather so far no comment from sugarland. >> overseas now, who needs santa's reindeer when you have sheep a korean amusement park is celebrating the holidays with festively dressed sheep filling in for six reindeer this year. they are like what is this furry -- this fleet has the job of escorting santa around the park covered in bell covered hats, scar scarves, christmas cape. >> i think they got -- >> where are the reindeer. >> right. i didn't see rue do feel. >> sheep didn't look like they were feeling it. >> no, we are sheep we don't do this. >> nice day weather ice. >> gorgeous, sunshine -- wise.
7:47 am
>> gorgeous, sunshine, temperatures jumping back into the 50s. but right now generally 30s. 39 washington, 35 dulles, 32 winchester, baltimore, 31 degrees temperatures bottoming out in the past hour this is one of our coldest mornings in the past several, all right, here is your jet stream forecast this will show you upper air patterns, big h that means nice weather and it will be beautiful this afternoon, beautiful friday, saturday, even much of sunday should be just fine temperatures each day getting into the mid-60s starting tomorrow i think today will be upper 50s but with light winds and sunshine it should feel good for you. your 5 day forecast, nice, nicer from here 59 this afternoon, bright sunshine much of the day one or two clouds and friday, saturday and sunday, dry conditions mid-60s friday and saturday. really is nice. thank you. >> yep thanks. >> before you pop that turkey in the oven next what you need
7:48 am
to know about food safety this thanksgiving. >> it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day carlos, he wants to wish his dunbar teammates good luck in the 42nd annual, turkey bowl today, dunbar plays college high school. if you want to find us fan of the day, search fox 5 morning news and post a comment under carlos' photo happy thanksgiving good luck 
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thanksgiving on fox will involve football we've got the 12:30 game of packers at the lions after that it is a great show on ice the third annual kaleidoscope on ice special where olympic skaters honor
7:52 am
cancer survivals, dorothy hamill and scott hamilton are hosting who have both beaten cancer themselves. well, whether you are a seasoned chef or new to the kitchen thanksgiving can be intimidating that is why so many people call turkey and food safety hotlines i talked with the top government safety official about things you should know before popping that turkey into the oven today. we cook this big bird twice a year max and lots of things can go wrong, right? >> that's right you are cooking for probably more people than you are used to, it is probably a more complicated affair than you are used to having in your own home and it is easy to lose track of a couple simple steps to help you and your family safe for the holidays. >> you put out there is a psa put out kind of talking about what exactly, the time that you need to flip the bird, safe handling. >> right so food safe family's campaign we are on tv, radio, in print the four key steps are
7:53 am
clean, separate, cook and chill. >> okay. >> clean obviously you want clean utensils, wash your hands thoroughly, watch your surface thoroughly and frequently while cooking food. separate is important making these big meals, separating raw meat and poultry from fruits and vegetables that are uncooked and 165 is the safe temperature for poultry and also the safe temperature when reheating left overs and chill is another important one for big food holidays get left overs in the refrigerator within two hours of serving them. >> how long can we eat the left overs after thanksgiving? >> well, if they are refrigerated we say within 3 or 4 days, you can freeze them and obviously keep them longer or and you want to reheat them to 165 degrees. >> let me ask probably what will sound a silly question cleaning surfaces can we use
7:54 am
like i love bleach cleaner forever thing is that too strong? will that lead to other problems. >> it is not necessary a lot of people don't have those things in their kitchens we recommend warm or hot soapy water if you do want to take an extra step you can sanitize your cutting boards putting a table spoon overbleach in a gallon of water and using that to it. what about stuffing before it was the stuffing was cooked in the bird and then no, we get contamination what is the advice. >> you are right we don't recommend stuffing the bird only because it is a raw bird when you start and you are putting this food containing eggs and other raw ingredients inside it is hard to get it to a safe temperature if you are going to stuff the bird use a meat thermometer and measure the temperature of that stuffing as well. it will take you 30 minutes longer to cook a stuffed bird than unstuffed, the safest thing to do is put it in a as role and bake it in the --
7:55 am
casserole and bake it in your over outside. >> my mother does this i don't do this because of these restrictions i don't want someone sick on saturday there is an ap to make it easy. >> the first thing to do is go the food it has every question and answer about safe food preparation we have a mobile ap, optimized for iphones and android users or go and ask your food safety questions there are a lot of already answered questions in that data base you can ask your own question 24 hours a day. >> dr. hagan says i can cook that bird. we h see. -- we will see. >> this is the under secretary for food safety with the usda happy thanksgiving. i am sure your mom is watching as she cooks for you. >> you know what can i tell you what happens i grew up we didn't eat any meat i was vegetarian the whole cooking of the big bird was not a part of our thing i am intimidated
7:56 am
putting a big bird thing in the own. >> my grandmother poured the grease on her one time and dot serious burns. >> while most of us here at home enjoy thanksgiving with our family, u.s. troops overseas are on the front lines of war. we will introduce you to one warrior in afghanistan doing it longer than the rest. >> i had the chance to chat with the stars of the big bang theory watch the hit comedy here on fox 5, what five days a week. that is what i was trying to say we will have that interview in 45 minutes, i mean every day, monday through friday. we will be right back this thursday and friday only,
7:57 am
get the motorola xoom 4g lte for $199.99, the revolution by lg for $49.99, and the special edition red droid incredible 2, free. our best deal of the year. the smartphones are ready, the tablets are wrapped. with special deals this thursday and friday only, get the technology they love, on the network they deserve.
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7:59 am
a plane crashes into an arizona mountainside all six people including three children are believed dead this morning. we will have the new details just ahead. >> then while many of us are thankful for a day off of work members of the military around the world are hard at work on this holiday and every day that
8:00 am
includes the oldest soldier in afghanistan, we will introduce you to him. then tough enough to prepare thanksgiving dinner for your family, now imagine preparing it for thousands of people, that is what is taking place right now at food and friends. where they are live. good morning everyone happy thanksgiving to you all i am matt in for steve. >> i am alison seymour happy you are up and with us. good morning tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> it will be beautiful. gorgeous temperatures upper 50s. less wind and sunshine for a change. >> loving it. >> throw around a football after the big meal. >> or before. >> right. >> everything works around the big meal. >> exactly. >> you just want to lay around. >> watch football. >> yeah. >> then again. sentinel radar, i am happy to report if you are out playing football or watching football, there is high school games
8:01 am
today. >> yes, turkey bowl. >> so listen, really nice. bring along a jacket it will be on the cool side temperatures upper 50s to 60 bright sunshine light winds a lot better than yesterday. going around and around not going to find much today, as we've got lots of quiet conditions across the mid- atlantic, 39 washington a lot of areas, at or below freezing, humidity 76% winds lighter than yesterday, they will gust 10 miles an hour a lot better than 40 we had yesterday. bright sunshine, upper 50s to 60. forecast only gets better from here. our top story this morning a holiday tragedy in arizona, small plane carrying six people crashed in the mountains east of phoenix sarah is back in studio with new details this hour. sarah good morning. >> good morning alison. authorities are confirming the death of one child and there are no signs of any survivors
8:02 am
from this. preliminary reports indicate the twin engine aircraft was being used to transport three children for this thanksgiving holiday it slammed into a rugged area of superstition mountains outside of phoenix 911 callers reported hearing an explosion witnesses say they saw the fireball. >> i looked backwards and saw an orange spark fly up and i thought it was a firework and then it just exploded and it came back down and then a big poof came up. >> the sheriff says the body of one child was recovered overnight from the crash scene the children reportedly were between the ages of 5 and 9, a pilot, mechanic and another adult were also onboard that plane. no names were immediately released. there are now several fires burning on the mountainside as well firefighters contained the flames near that rescue mission but are letting the fire burn
8:03 am
farther away from the crash site. such a sad story to talk about on thanksgiving. and a scare in the air for some american airline passengers a flight from los angeles headed to new york had to make an emergency landing last night, just minutes after take off when the crew smelled something burning, the plane with more than 160 people aboard returned to the airport and landed safely. >> millions of americans headed out of town for the holiday many of those travelers hit the roadskies yesterday. fox's aiynsley ear hart has a look at how things went. gas prices are up, as are airline ticket prices that is not standing in the way of millions of americans getting away for thanksgiving. we can find a good combination. >> if you know how to search online you can find a good deal. >> leave on tuesday to come back it is cheaper. >> the number of people travelling is highest since the recession hit in 2008, 42.5 million of you.
8:04 am
>> when more people travel it is good for economy but that is nowhere near the nearly 59 million we saw in 2005 so we are improving but have a long way to go. >> lambert airport in st. louis is operating at a little more than 80% capacity the maximum for departing passengers is around 27,000 a day and wednesday they figured they were about 23,000. passengers at armstrong in new orleans, say travel has been headache free. >> no big hassle, numbers of people, traffic and such. not as bad as i thought i thought it would be worse not bad now. >> chance to sit down and have our cafe du monde. >> the story out of houston is different. >> crazy they are talking ability bumping people off flights and stuff. >> 90% of travelers are driving. >> having a hard time deciding traffic is bad we have a lot going on at home with it being
8:05 am
thanksgiving week we are heading out late tonight or tomorrow morning. >> the day before isn't the busiest travel day of the year that would be next sunday in new york, aiynsley ear hart fox news. a lot of people out there travelling. >> they sure are. >> if you made it to your holiday destination or stayed at home it is likely there is a lot of activity happening in your kitchen now. >> preparing the big feast has been the order of the day for hours at food and friends in northeast that is where we find stacy cohen, working so hard, good morning stacy. >> hey, where is the hair net? >> good morning well, actually i am holding this to my ear it is hard to hear you amid-all the clapping people we have coming in here now are the drivers they are going to be fanning out throughout our community, using their vehicles, and their time on this holiday, to take the meals to over 3,000 families, 3,500 people will receive these meals and the men and women coming here with their children, with their relatives, that are
8:06 am
taking their time to do this delivery it is a well deserved round of applause it is a tough job and a labor of love, in case you missed some of what i have been doing i know it is hard to hear me, food and friends, delivers food to those who are critically ill it began in 1988, to serve the hiv aids population they also serve people with cancer and other critical illnesses, folks that would not otherwise have an opportunity to provide a meal to their friends and family, every family gets a turkey, and all the trimmings, enough to serve four people, look at this endless stream of drivers i tell you i was telling my photographer here, it just about brought a tear to my eye when these people started to come in, enthusiasm we have had here this morning, has been absolutely inspiring, and anybody that is feeling a little grouchy or tired this thanksgiving morning need only look at this for a lift in their spirit. this stream of volunteers
8:07 am
continues to pour in we will keep packing up these boxes all morning, and everybody hopefully will have a great and happy thanksgiving back to you guys. what a wonderful sight. i was talking to mayor grey he was handing out turkeys he said gosh i wish every day was thanksgiving every day people would chip in and volunteer and do this for the needy. >> it is needed every day of the year you are right. >> well, the first family spread holiday cheer at the capitol area food bank in northeast again yesterday, m and mrs. obama and their daughters joined an assembly line filling reusable grocery bags for people in need the obama has a annual tradition of community service helping lower income familyseniors out. >> another thanksgiving tradition at the white house pardoning of two turkeys, official national thanksgiving turkey is named liberty and the
8:08 am
back up turkey is peace. the two daughters were there to wish them good luck. >> after that they go to mount vernon to live out their days >> at least that is what they say. >> president obama wants americans facing tough times to believe in the nations ability to overcome challenges, mr. obama says, partisan grid lock in washington may make people question whether it is possible. >> no matter how tough things are right now we still give thanks for that most american of blessings, the chance to determine our own destiny the problems we faced didn't develop overnight we won't solve them overnight but we will solve them all it takes is for each of us to do our part. >> the president thanked members of the military serving away from home and those who will volunteer at soup kitchenshelters.
8:09 am
>> up next, we will check out some of the other stories making headlines including more on how a 9-year-old who was home sick from school helped catch a burglar breaking into their home. still scary stuff. also we will introduce you to the oldest soldier on the front lines in afghanistan. >> we asked our facebook fans what they are thankful, my family, and my country, god bless the usa. stay with us we will be right back. 9 minutes after 8 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
before the feast comes the fun as in giant balloons, marching bands, performers hitting the streets of new york city. >> we are talking about the macy's thanksgiving day parade. john is live along the parade route in manhattan good morning john. >> reporter: good morning yeah, 85th annual, 85 years this has been going on, since calvin
8:13 am
coolidge was president of the united states, we are at the corner of 63rd and central park west the balloons are just a couple blocks up. you can see the last time i talked to you guys we were up by the police barricade along the corner now we are probably like 5, 6 deep here the crowd is filling up an estimated 3.5 million people will be here in manhattan, new york city watching this event we got all types out here, we got the turkeys, we got the turkey right here. what's up turkey how you doing. >> gobble gobble gobble. >> where you from. >> new jersey. >> you are from the local area have you ever been here for this before. >> almost every year. every year. we are very excited it is fun. >> a lot of fun. there are some people who have been getting here they showed up before we even showed up 3:30 a.m., 4:00 a.m. in the morning real dedicated folks, got you know new jersey, people from all parts of new york, out of state, where? >> tennessee. >> tennessee. >> ever been out here for this
8:14 am
before. >> never been to the parade our daughters are marching in the to beens bennett band from kings port tennessee we are excited to be here. >> do you have the phone ap that there is a new phone ap you do have it on you let's see it real quick. >> it is awesome. we can track and actually santa claus has been -- >> what is that the droid. >> yes this is. >> announcer: droid. >> android. you can track where your daughter is. >> yes. >> where are you from? >> mccleans. >> i used to live in great falls, washington dc. >> we used to live here we came out for the day today. >> you picked a beautiful day to be here it is gorgeous, crisp clear let me get back in here we are going to be here all morning the great start, starts at 9:00 a.m. there is a new float i am very excited a jet pack wearing monkey. we are all looking forward to
8:15 am
it. >> you like that one. >> you have been talking about it all morning. >> can you tell that lovely lady fox 5 here in her hometown says hello and happy thanksgiving. >> fox 5 in dc says hello. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving to you all. >> now it is time to look at some stories making headlines this morning the hunt is on for a suspect who police say kidnapped a 75-year-old man from a giant parking lot and drove him around for hours, forcing the man to take out money, at atms this all started 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon in a parking lot of giant at wheaton plaza investigators say the victim may have been forced into his car at knife point they say the suspect released the elderly man unharmed after a few hour it is victim drove himself home to call police. the hunt continues for a bank robbery and carjacking suspect in northern virginia turns out she has connections
8:16 am
to a major gang in our area these are pictures of steve knee swab as she robbed -- stephanie swab as she robbed a bb and t bank she is also wanted for holding up a bank in manassas and a carjacking in tysons. she was a critical witness, in ms gang members trial. police are searching for a carjacker who stole a suv from a dc gas station with a baby inside. police say a woman was pumping gas at the gas station, and a man jumped into her suv and took off. but, the carjacker apparently discovered the child ditched the car and baby a few blocks away the child, a 13 month old girl, is okay, and happy to be back with her family. well, it sounds like a
8:17 am
scene from the movie home alone but this story is real. >> sadly a 9-year-old kid helps stop a burglar breaking into her new jersey home. fox's christine has the story. >> i got really scared i heard a noise and didn't know what it was. >> reporter: 9-year-old rachel simon didn't act scared when she came face to face with a burglar in her home. >> i saw the guy standing there and i am like i don't know that guy. >> she was home sick from school yesterday the middle of the afternoon her mom had just left her dad was on his way cops say the burglar got in through this unlocked basement entrance the 4th grader approached him and he ran off. >> he had orange hair, a black hat on and a backpack. >> she gave a phenomenal description of the guy which allowed officers to get him within 5 minutes. >> even mom wendy admits she wouldn't have handled it so well. >> what do you thing you would have done? >> cried i don't know but i wouldn't have had that accurate
8:18 am
of a description of him. >> mom and dad couldn't be more proud of this pint sized crime fighter. >> she was unbelievable. right? >> that story could have ended so differently. >> yeah, you were thinking as a mom. >> yeah, and a 9-year-old okay. well, now it is time for some happier news although that one did have a happy ending tucker barnes with the forecast which is really good and even better is the cute picture today. >> you got it, time for cuteness factor to have the day i know alison, we are not used to this. matt has to get used to this. matt, cute things time for our my first 5 photo of the day this is 17 month old lee ann everybody, what is she up to? >> she is going to be a firefighter,. >> visiting her uncle at the fire house. >> the hat is as big as her whole upper body.
8:19 am
>> adorable picture. >> that hat fits her well don't you think. >> she is so cute. >> very proud. >> okay matt say something cute. >> very very cute cute baby with a nice hat [ laughter ] >> i am kidding. >> might want to pick your days out. >> stick to reporting. 43 washington, we are off to a very cool start, 34 boston, you know what it will be cool for the next hour or two, and sunshine and light winds it will warm up quickly, we will enjoy highs upper 50s. most of the country seasonal temperatures 54 out in los angeles, let's see miami now, 70 and some 20s northern plains looking at satellite radar, quieter, most of the country quiet if travelling today the only problem is on the west coast, rape showers san francisco, clear skies, quiet conditions across the eastern half of the country now and that spells nice weather high pressure moving through the
8:20 am
next several days, featuring sunshine, light winds highs upper 50s. tomorrow sunshine mid-60s. saturday sunshine mid-60s. a great couple days, when all is said and done you might want to go shopping. there is your 5 day forecast, and again, a nice looking couple days, 55 saturday, even sunday, more clouds we should stay dry rain returns, with showers. let's look at the forecast alison. thanks very much. while many americans are thankingful for a day off -- thankful for a day off work members of the military around the world are hard at work. >> including u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. fox's con norpowell introduces us to one warrior doing it longer than all the rest. >> reporter: jumping out of an armored vehicle, staff sergeant nicklas looks like any young soldier he wears the same back breaking body armor, walks the
8:21 am
same rocky paths through dangerous afghan villages at 59 years old he is proving war is not just a young man's activity a former marine who served two tours in vietnam, sergeant nick as he is called is one of the few veterans still serving and likely the only one on the front lines. after september 11th he tried to reenlist while the marine corps rejected his application army reserves said yes. >> i know it was like, the right thing to do. >> back home he was a podiatrist he joined an army psychological operation unit hoping to be sent to a war zone he was first afghanistan then iraq now again to afghanistan. >> i just didn't want everyone else out there doing things i think i should be doing. >> out rough respect for his skills as a soldier not his age he is some times given the job of running point on patrol
8:22 am
through afghanistan's violent country side inspiring soldiers even after the patrol is complete. >> most of my guys half his age come off and lay on their back for an hour an hour late they are guy is out doing physical training looking for the next patrol to go out on. >> after 3 wars in 65 months the pentagon says sergeant nick must retire next summer. >> at 60, you technically have to leave. >> right. >> given the chance what happens. >> if i had my chance to stay in, to complete the 20 years, i absolutely would. absolutely. i would stay a few more years after that if i could. >> he isn't one to be told he can't do things so if sergeant nick has a say the sunset on his career will have to wait a few more years. in kunar provinces afghanistan, fox news. a colorado family has a lot to be thankful for.
8:23 am
>> army sergeant, andrew marino is home for the holiday and got to surprise his kids yesterday at school. they were sitting in front of a class reading a book when their dad simply walked in. check it out. brooklyn's face lit up, aj didn't realize it was his dad until brooklyn grabbed his arm. there it is the two ran across the room into their dad's arms it was something they have waited more than a year to do. >> something you thing about every day why you are young, and it is the -- what gets you through the next day and the day after that. >> he was in afghanistan the entire school wrote letters, sent care packages he hung the letters for other soldiers to see. >> those reunions never get old. >> no. >> always wonderful. >> following breaking news three american students arrested during demonstrations in egypt have been released from jail that includes a georgetown student we will get
8:24 am
reaction from his mother when we get back. >> one of the new releases at the box office is a fantasy adventure called hugo. ben kingsly sits down with kevin mccarthy to talk about his experience making this movie. stay with us [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier.
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8:27 am
welcome back to fox 5 morning news looking at stories making headlines the fbi arrested 7 men in ohio charged them with hate crimes. authorities say members of a break away amish group forcefully cut the beards and hair of several amish men and women, cutting hair is highly offensive act to amish people. now to an alleged hazing institute at florida a and m the school's band director has been fired after the death of a drum major robert champion was found unconscious on the school bus after a football game saturday night authorities are investigating that he was hazed the school pyred the band director saying he -- fired the band director saying he didn't do enough to stop it. a spike in pneumonia cases according to the washington
8:28 am
post 45 students have been sickened this year the school isn't calls it an outbreak however a campaign is under way encouraging everyone to wash their hands. >> all right. >> 8:28 a.m., let's look at weather shall we. >> starting to improve every minute. >> warmer and warmer out there later today in fact, later this afternoon, upper 50s, 60s. >> that is pretty nice. >> this time of year yeah, i remember a lot of cloudy and rainy thanksgivings. >> i am thankful for you tucker in the forecast. >> anything else? >> we will share later. >> didn't you say you almost cried coming into work, thinking about what you were emotional about. jackson 5 santa claus is coming to town. >> that does you in. >> our light weight. >> i am an emotional light weight. >> i agree. >> let's get to it kicking off these numbers. >> don't say it tucker. >> as we get into the afternoon we are going to warm up,
8:29 am
nothing to cry about here alison. >> all right. >> 43 regan national i cheered up overnight when it -- i teared up when i went up overnight it was so cold. 42 dulles lots of the region, temperatures at or below freezing, gradually warming up baltimore, 31 now 35, 42 annapolis just hang in there in a couple hours we should warm up nicely temperatures upper 50s to 60 this afternoon much lighter winds yesterday we had winds around here gusting to about 40 miles per hour, during the afternoon and early evening hours not much to show you this is a nice weather pattern shaping up to be a great couple days through the carolinas, into virginia, maryland, north and east, new york a parade conditions, plenty of sunshine light winds later this morning, boston, conditions expected west side pressure building through that will deliver a couple very nice days enjoy,
8:30 am
thursday, sunshine, friday sunshine, can't talk here and saturday sunshine temperatures in the mid-60s around here starting tomorrow, forecast, lots of sunshine, windy, daytime high winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10 miles per hour overnight lows generally 30s. 41 in illy tonight, great looking 5 day forecast, great looking holiday weekend forecast, 55, waiting in line, conditions not too extreme. rain late sunday and monday. people can get back here smoothly. matt and alison back to you. >> looking like a wonderful weekend as well. >> he is one of the most acclaimed actors of our time starring in films such as amadeus and ghandi but his new movie may be one of his favorites. >> he talked to kevin mccarthy about making hugo and why it
8:31 am
profoundly moved him. >> i saw it by myself in a cinema because it was a special screening in london for me and even before hugo the credit came on the screen, the sequences of paris in 1930, in 3d i was in tears because it was one of the most beautiful sequences i have ever seen, on a screen and even right from the first second, i said i don't want to leave this world. i don't want this film to finish i want to be in this world. i was as an actor which was great how about that, me already in the movie, knowing the movie and still being completely blown away by the first two minutes. >> reporter: this was a love letter to film making, if you were to write that love letter today, throughout your career you had a great career you write that love letter about one film maker what would it
8:32 am
be. >> martin scorsese. because of his -- you know he directs like a lover that is why the film is so full of love he directs from the heart he has a brilliant intellect, adept at everything, he is multitask but everything comes from the heart which is why his films even when they are violent, terrifying, because they go into the nerve of violence they go to the nerve of pleasure, nerve center of love nerve center of discovery, nerve center of childhood you see this movie through the eyes of a child, some times you think intense how did he do that. i am seeing things for the first time i have to set marty aside and my love letter to him would be thank you for everything you have given us.
8:33 am
>> your characters has lost his purpose and broken and has to find his way back to realize hog he is. >> he doesn't want to, but -- who he is,. >> he doesn't want to. life may push in and acers life, saying come back we insist that is where that little boy's characters is so brave. as an actor you look back at your career. >> which i never do. >> was there ever a moment for you you felt broken personally and had to find your way back was there a person who entered your life who brought you back. >> not artistically thank god i have always been able to function well as an actor but i know that i function much better as an actor now i am a happy man but i haven't always been there have been struggles, personally, that i know have lost dimensions in my work and i don't agree with the people who say artists have to work from pain they don't it is much
8:34 am
better to work from happiness much richer life creative life. >> you can catch kevin's review of hugo and other movies out on clicking on mornings. all right alison, so, i think we have some breaking news our producer is telling us let's get to this just in to fox 5 newsroom word minutes ago three american students being held in egypt will be released,. >> all three including derek sweeney a junior at georgetown were arrested monday in cairo police say they were throwing molotov cocktails at police. joining us on the phone is his mom joy good morning happy thanksgiving it must be one for you. >> oh, yes, it is. i am ecstatic, elated i can't even explain right now i am so happy that he is going to be released and coming home soon.
8:35 am
joy can you give us any details of behind his release what you know at this point, when it is taking place when he will be back in your arms? >> we don't know for sure, but if he has -- if he can find his passport, they will examine him then go to the police station for release of paperwork, someone from university -- american university of cairo or con sew late would escort the boys back to their dorm rooms from there we would get an opportunity to speak to him, and i will find out if he has a cell phone at this juncture and then if he can find his passport when he gets to his dorm room we can get him on the plane as early as tomorrow. >> i was going to ask i know i understand joy as a mom, joy, i
8:36 am
was going to ask if you had been able to talk to derek but you just answered that question you described him before just as a peaceful, kid, some body who stands up for what is right have you been able to get the facts together as far as what might have happened? >> i know nothing. i really don't know any more what transpired or all i know [ audio difficulty ] >> sounds like maybe we lost joy. joy are you there? all right joy sweeney was on the phone with us. >> she couldn't keep the giggle out of her voice. >> sounds like she wants to get him observing a plane back here as soon as possible -- him on a plane back here as soon as possible. >> thank you. glad to hear that news. >> switching gears the apple store not generally a place for bargain shopping, but it is going to be on this black
8:37 am
friday some discounters are expected -- some discounts are expected after a price list was leaked on the web. more on those deals you can find when we come back stay with us. >> just happened to be leaked. >> yeah and i am heading to the apple store. >> right ight
8:38 am
8:39 am
look what denny's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper. come try arthur christmas's favorites. only at denny's. and see arthur christmas only in theaters.
8:40 am
trying to save some money in this economy. doesn't get any better than that. >> maybe have a little fun too that is the reason, that shopper was lined up very early this morning outside k mart in kentlands the store opened at 6:00 a.m., it has been open more than 2.5 hours it offers thanksgiving day bargains of course and k mart is open thanksgiving for many years, so usually in the evenings. there you go. >> if you are looking to score a high tech gadget from apple you are in luck they normally don't slash prices much but some products will be
8:41 am
discounted a bit tomorrow during -- according to photos leaked on the web they show computers like the mac book will be $101 off, ipad 2s will be 41 to $61 off and ipods 41 to $21 off see a them here. the price of ipod nano will be discounted by $11 no mention of discounts on those iphones though. >> computers around $1,200 you are getting 10% off better than nothing. >> you can always find great bargains on thanks to fox half off deal today's deal from cotton candy land in maryland, $25 will buy you $50 worth of custom made baked goods or sweets or for $125 host a sweet celebration for your child's next birthday, a $250 value to get all the information on this go to
8:42 am look for my fox half off on the right-hand side of the page. well, you can now catch the big bang theory five nights a week here on fox 5 up next two of the stars join us one with a really familiar face from our childhood. >> we asked our facebook fans what they are thankful this thanksgiving. i am thankful for the health of my family and myself for the love i receive every day from my daughters and blessing of having a little prince on the way. that is sweet. happy thanksgiving we will be right back stay with us  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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the big bang theory is on five days a week we are fortunate to have the show week nights, here on fox 5 we are joined by mayim bialik she mays amy so the show was so popular we had to share it with another network can you tell us about the show for those who haven't seen it yet. >> um, this show is about two physicists a little bit of an
8:46 am
odd couple and they live next door to a pretty blond who is not a physicist and i guess the show has a widely expanded to include a lot of their nerdy friends in the case of me and melissa a few nerdy girlfriends as well. >> let's start with you melissa you play bern debt, howard's love interest can you tell us how the two of you get along and with a you talk about on a daily basis. sure well, howard started out on the show as a sleazy player and i just came on as one of his dates, and it was just supposed to be a one time thing and i think it came to be a little bit more and i joined the cast as now his fiance, and we are in the midst of wedding planning now which is really exciting and i think the big challenge with bern that debt and howard will be actually getting howard to move out of
8:47 am
his mothers house, but as in recent episodes bern debt is kind of cool with making things work within the walowitz household she is definitely getting two for the price of one. >> i like how that is put. >> mayim you play dr. amy but you have a doctorate in real life we feel like we grew up with you having started on blossom where we first fell in love can you tell us about playing sort of almost yourself but not really? it is a wonderful world tell us about dr. amy. >> yeah, my degree is in neuroscience so i like to say that it is easy for me to memorize hard words when you are trained to memorize them in grad school but socially what we are doing with amy is tapping into that uncharted territory about a lesson, both socially and also i guess intellectually she is trying to understand the world as an adult but hasn't really gone
8:48 am
through those teenage experiences so it is a lot of fun i mean to work with jim parson's specifically, he is a three time emmy winner just an amazing actor it has been amazing. >> the show does a good job of making smarts really funny also and quirky but still cool it is a nice mixture and sends a great message to young people too, young people of a certain age. >> sure yeah, i mean sort of it is also a show sort of about yosocial out casts or social misfits for young people especially, it would be great for it to be hip into physics again because it is super hip. >> let me finish with you, let me ask a quick question i know you took the time out to get a degree and advanced degree and have a family you are leading quite an interesting life. >> i am. it is busy but great. my husband is home, when i am working so that our boys have either one of us, and it is
8:49 am
thrilling i mean honestly to have the chance to be on a show again is unbelievable, but also to get to work with people not just saying because she is here but people like melissa it is a pleasant way to be an actor when you are with people you enjoy and doing work that may not be shakes speier and may not be -- shakespeare and may not be curing cancer but we enjoy making people laugh. >> melissa you as well as bernadette we will watch big bang theory every night at 7:30 p.m. on fox thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you ladies in many households, thanks giving is about family food and football if you are a red skins fan stay tuned up next more on the push to get washington's teams back in washington. then coming up next hour dcs first professional skate border joins us here in studio he has an amazing story, that you don't want to miss stay with us back in a moment xp
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they might not have a winning record but doesn't
8:53 am
matter to dc leaders. >> they want the red skins to return to washington in some capacity they last played at rfk in 1997 when they left for fedex field inland over maryland. on wtop radio yesterday, mayor grey says he wants the team back even if it is not for games. >> we really believe the washington red skins ought to be -- have a presence in washington and the best opportunity to do that right now would be to have the training facility come back, to city. >> the team currently trains in ash burn, recently grey took a trip to tampa florida to examine the buccaneers facility he had discussion s with the red skins owner, dan snider but so far no deal is in place. >> maybe it would help their record if they were here >> it would be nice to have them here for sure. >> thanksgiving on fox will involve football we have the
8:54 am
12:30 p.m. game of packers at lions. >> after that the third annual kaleidoscope on ice special where olympic skaters like nancy kerrigan honor cancer survivors, being hosted by dorothy hamill and scott hamilton who both over came their bone battles with cancer. taking part this year nancy kerrigan. >> i don't do a lot of skating shows any more, very few and i just like to pick and choose because i am usually at home just mom so pick what i want to be involved in, so as a skater i am not a nurse or doctor where i can help some body but if i can help in any way and bring awareness and be a part of something like this, it is really an honor for me to be able to be a part of. >> kaleidoscope on ice airs this afternoon after the nfl sports game here on fox 5. >> that is all from me sarah is going to be here in just a moment happy thanksgiving to
8:55 am
you. >> thank you. >> i hope you have a really nice day. >> we have a lot coming up 9:00 a.m., a local man who once sold drugs as a kid giving back in a positive way. what this professional skate boarder says changed his life there is a hint right in what i just said he is joining us live in studio on this thanksgiving morning stay with us, 5 minutes before 9 
8:56 am
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8:58 am
>> an update on the three american students held in egypt. we just got word all three including a junior at georgetown university will be released more coming up as fox 5 morning news continues. >> while many of us are preparing for feasts with friends and family some people are spending thanksgiving camped outside in the cold >> by choice. >> live pictures this is happening. we will have more on the black
8:59 am
friday early birds coming up they are getting this year's bargains if they are really worth it. well, hello we have a lot to pack up and ship out we are at food and friends where they are sending out thanksgiving feasts, to thousands across our area. i will have a live report coming up. all right. >> thank you stacy now of course we know this will be a good day to have our thanksgiving feast. >> yeah. >> gorgeous outside. >> tucker had all the warm details, at a certain point it will be warm, absolutely beautiful around here for the next not only today but next couple days, get right to it show you current temperatures off to a cool start temperatures right now generally in the 30s here in washington, 43 degrees look at the 30s hanging tough. 32 dulles, 34 win chester, frederick, 36 fredericks burg and naval air station down on the bay, 45 degrees wa


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